Mulch Application Service

Mulch application is the process of applying a layer of mulch to garden beds. Mulch is a material that is spread over the soil surface to help retain moisture, suppress weeds, and improve the overall appearance of your garden beds. In addition to its practical benefits, mulching can also enhance the curb appeal of your property. A well-mulched garden bed can add a finished, professional look to your landscape. It can also provide a cohesive look to your outdoor space, tying together different elements of your landscape. We offer professional mulching services to help you achieve a beautiful and well-maintained garden bed. 

Feel free to use our "Mulch Application Cost Calculator" below. Please note that the results are merely a close estimation for the total cost of mulch application. The calculator does not include pricing for the optional removal of old mulch material, nor does it include adding/replacing a weed barrier mesh before applying the new layer of mulch. All mulch applications will be applied at a 2" depth (unless otherwise resquested).